Femme Fallout =Rochelle M.
Artist, crazy black woman extraordinaire.
email: rochellefallout@gmail.com

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Miss getting snail mail? Or maybe emails that aren’t spam?

Do you like mixtapes? Random drawings, stickers, and magnets sent through the mail? How about long, rambling letters?

I know, I’m just some internet weirdo. You would probably want to get to know me a little before sending me your address. So, if anyone is interested, just drop me a line at rochellefallout@gmail.com. See y’all around!

Anyway, just started a tumblr just for my reblogs over at stayfemme.tumblr.com. Check it out!

Listening to Faith and the Muse’s Ankoku Butoh right now, this is definitely one of my new (well, to me) favorite albums I’ve heard so far this month! Drummer is channeling some serious Budgie Creatures era sounds right now and I am loving it.