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Q: Hi I was wondering the belts u are wearing in the photos do u sell them ?

Hello there!

Sometimes, the belts go with the dresses so well that I sell them together as one piece. Mostly, though, I get the belts from ebay- do any search for “corset belt” and you will see a lot of different styles including the ones I’m wearing come up. Thanks for asking!

A new thought to meditate on.

We write the stories of our own lives. How we choose to tell the stories defines how we experience them.

Once we become aware that we are the dreamers of the dream, then we are free to allow ourselves to dream a beautiful dream.

-Miss FD, August 3, 2012

Busy, busy, busy.

My soundtrack for a rainy, dreary afternoon-

Faith and the Muse: Vera Causa, CD2

Apocalyptica- “Path”, “One”, “Farewell”, “Epilogue”

12 Girls Band- “El Condor Pasa”, “Freedom”, “Glory”, “Cloudy Sky”

Just bought a bunch of art supplies online! I found a couple of great sources for cruelty free feathers and cameo jewelry findings. I ought to put up pictures of the two dresses I just made, a Chelsea Wolfe t-shirt surgery, and hair clips soon, so watch out for those. Have a great day everyone!